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Pet love traction
2017-06-15 17:12:39

I can think of the most romantic thing is the meal, you wore a light, holding you walk forward. Walk the dog, it's so relaxing and romantic. A lot of dogs go out with their owners, and when they get into a new environment, they get excited, run around, get lost easily, get bigger pets, and get scared. Every year, a large number of dogs cross the streets, causing many traffic accidents and losing their lives. Use a leash to control your dog's behavior. Stay with yourself and avoid being lost because of curiosity. In general, large and medium-sized dogs are very aggressive, and provide a leash for the big dog to prevent the dog from getting excited and attack the crowd. Ensure the safety of the surrounding population.

Zhanhong pet belt, traction rope, chest strap series of pet products in the design of shape, color, packaging and so on, which is safe and practical for the first principle, first to ensure that the interests of consumers, then Zhanhong pet products are used all the details of processing, environmental protection and safety treatment. High grade cowhide material, firm and firm. Sutures are fine and strong, the original leather texture is soft and comfortable, the owners take the dog to go out for his walk no longer feel the dog too much strength Dalat hand pain could not pull. Patent designed metal spring buckle, buffer shock absorption, to avoid dogs in the force of the neck injury, hurt the baby. The owner always pays attention to the dog's behavior, and when the dog is ready to exert his strength, he can advance his strength or use his password. Smart pets will quickly adapt, bid farewell, walk, pet easy to accompany.

Pets out of use of traction belt, more security, more peace of mind.

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