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Pet collars are designed to protect, control and pull pets.
2017-06-15 19:05:00

The product is a pet collar made of nylon webbing that protects, controls, and draws pets. The biggest advantage of this product is made of imported nylon material. It has bright colors and excellent feel. At the same time according to the dog owner's request for special solid color, jacquard, heat transfer, softening treatment etc..

Necklace selection
The dog wearing a collar, not too tight, because in a sudden run or exciting dash, collar is too tight will cause harm to the dog. Appropriate collars should be worn by dogs and should be provided with the space between the two fingers.

Method of measurement of neck circumference
When buying collars, you usually see signs around the neck with X, cm~x, cm. Usually, the first number represents the length of a week from the dog's jaw parallel to the neck, and the second figures represent the length of the circle around the neck and back in parallel.
1.5cm collar: neck 26-33cm, suitable for small dogs
2.0cm collar: neck girth 30-39cm, suitable for medium size dogs
2.5cm collar: neck 37-46cm, suitable for large dogs

Pet collar material selection
Pet collar and Necklace: dogs walk outside the cats have jubilant, wandering nature, for their safety, the best for them to fasten the collar on necklace. In the pet store you can find metal, leather, nylon three material and metal collar necklace, durable, the price is the lowest, but will let the baby feel uncomfortable; nylon comfort, price levels; luxury high-grade leather, but the price is expensive.

Proper wearing of pet collars
The first step: first of all, choose your own pet collar products packaging apart;
The second step: take your pet with the collar;
The third step: the first set of pet collar in the neck of the dog. The dog's neck to determine a good size, and then choose Kong Wei, fasten the buckle; the fourth step: determine the circle system after the end of traction with metal buckle buckle on the collar of the "D" ring, the end of operation.

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