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Benefits of dogs wearing a traction rope
2017-06-15 15:59:24

Take the dog out is a small task to perform every day, before leaving, we wear dog collar and leash, not primarily because the dog is not obedient. Leash and collar, in addition to ensure the dog in the range permitted activities, parents will not get lost or stolen, but also can protect the dog in the crossing time of security, not to mention, for those who are not even afraid of dog dog neighbors, this move can be very good to give them a sense of security.In addition, both the dog's character or obedience to encounter some of them into the stress state of the event or circumstances such as estrus smell specific dog smell to find out, or in case of provocation, or during the Spring Festival with fireworks, in order to ensure the safety of the dog, please parents traction rope never loosen the hands. When the dog is preparing or making the wrong behavior, such as beating people, picking food, etc., the traction rope is in hand, and the owner can correct it in time.

8 benefits of using dog ropes

1, to increase dog obedience, strengthen the position of the master, so that the dog is better, more obedient;
2, to prevent dogs lost, some dogs naughty, playful, parents how can not call back, and you do not run fast, the dog is easy to stray;
3, to prevent dog accidents, many comrades have learned, and here do not say more, sad!
4, to prevent the dog eating poisonous or rotten food, such as: mouse medicine;
5, to prevent dog fights, injuries, and other dogs or cats may not fight vaccination, so it is better to be careful, the injury would have been dangerous, and infected with rabies and other infectious diseases even more troublesome;
6, to prevent dogs from pulling 88, disorderly NN, causing neighbors boredom and complaints;
7, prevent disorderly mating, reduce accidental pregnancy and string of dogs born!
8, prevent dogs from biting or scaring others, such as neighbors, old people, children, etc.. Losing money is a small matter and can seriously worsen the external environment of our dog owners!

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